Our Purpose

We plant a “Seed of Hope” for others who have been affected by domestic violence. The strawberry popcorn we sell helps us spread awareness and supports survivors.


Strawberry popcorn has been in our family for over 35 years. We wanted to continue this tradition by starting our own farm. Locally owned and grown in Michigan, each "Seed of Hope” strawberry popcorn ear is grown without pesticides or insecticides and packaged by hand. We cure and dry our kernels naturally for about two weeks.

We invite you to try the Seed of Hope Strawberry Popcorn today!


God Bless!

Hank & Tami

Strawberry Popcorn Containers
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“It just all fell into place as we were doing it. 
We feel like it’s something we were led to do.
I call these God winks.
It helps to know God is in this with us.”


- Tami

Try the Seed of Hope Strawberry Popcorn today!

Seed of Hope
Strawberry Popcorn
Our Purpose
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Hank & Tami Brackman
Located in southern Michigan

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Visit domesticshelters.org for contact information and support.

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Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.

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